You will find it

If something is universally true, naturally, it is true in all situations.
You find what you are looking for.
This is the foundation of existence.
This is the truth discovered from quantum behaviour of electrons.
If you look for an electron as a particle, you will find one.
If you look for it as a wave motion, you will find it.
Nothing occurs that is not influenced by the presence of the observer.
Life does not exist unless you are looking for it.
You are continually looking out into the world, with a mind full of expectations.
Your mind is always looking for something.
Your mind might be looking for familiarity, or predictability or a surprise or illness and problems.
It does not matter, what it looks for, it will find.
The world before you, is a canvas of expectations fulfilled.
The world you peer into, forms perfectly according to what you are looking for.
It cannot be any other way.
It has always been that way.
That is why corporations try to control your mind, so that you will create a world where their product plays a role.
Everything you have in your world, is the result of the choices that you have made.
Your world is your scrambled mind, unfolding its chaotic patterns before you.
There is no escaping your own mind, even upon death.
When you die, there is no kindly angel on standby, ready to sweep your stupidity under the mat.
You are your mind and wherever you go, you take it with you.
If you are entrenched in the madness of this world when you die, you will still be entrenched in it when you are reborn, perhaps seconds later!
Since you create your existence as you move through your existence, to what extent are you influencing every minute?
To what extent are you twisting and changing fate, moment by moment, as you entertain ever-changing ideas?
If something is universally true, naturally, it is true in all situations.
Your future is never fixed.
It is as malleable as your thoughts and as grand as your imagination.
The problem is, you have too many conflicting ideas about what your future will be.
Your ideas are not consistent and hence, neither is your future.
Instead of your future being a track through a field of flowers, it is murky mayhem through an endless garbage dump.
Your future is not some magic land that you will arrive at in a few weeks time.
It is now.
Right now, you are unfolding your past dreams.
You are living your future.
Every thought you think, has an effect upon your future, possibly immediately.
The effect, is often felt only moments after the thought was considered.
You think about someone and you see them, this is a common occurrence.
Life is dynamic and happening now.
It is not going to happen later when you get rich or when you have more time or when you find the perfect partner.
Life is now and your every thought, affects the next now.
Existence does not care if your thoughts are good or bad, funny or serious.
You are the master, the god of your little world and if you think about something, existence will create it.
Careful what you look for, you will find it, and possibly sooner than you expect!