Why choose ugly?

Beauty is all pervasive.
Ugly is a product of the wild minds in this world.
Ugly is a the tiniest speck in this universe of wonder and magnificence.
Beauty is the core of existence because it is the core of I am.
I am is the core of you.
All the negativity that surrounds you, is unnatural.
It is not what you are, at heart.
It’s fine if you wish to experience negativity, after all, your world is your choice.
But very few want to live an uncomfortable and unfortunate life.
Every single dot of your life is your choice.
You choose what to believe.
You choose what your world looks like.
Nobody does it for you.
You can choose beauty or ugliness.
It is always up to you.
Your choices decide what you see before you.
Your mind chooses ugly anytime that it doubts, feels sorry for itself or wants to glorify itself.
Your ego is all of these things.
This is not what you are.
Your ego is all of the negativity that fills your mind.
You are not your ego.
Ego is a dark and dense cloud of smog that has polluted the perfect sky of your mind.
You are the one who allows it to stay.
You are the one who constantly says yes to ugly, and no to beauty.
All day, every day, you only ever have two choices.
You can choose ugly or beautiful.
You understand which is which.
You understand the consequences of compromising ugliness over beauty.
Then why do you keep making the wrong choice?
Partly, because you are lazy, and partly, because you want your money now and are not prepared to wait for long-term dividends.
Tomorrow soon arrives, your years quickly pass and if you haven’t put your faith in your own truth, you will have nothing left of value.
Ugly is hollow.
Beauty is eternal.