Who did it?

Who did this to you?
You did.
Who will help you out?
You will, there is nobody else.
You did your whole world to yourself.
You are an eternal something that is free to create and experience what you will.
You have no bounds, no limits because you are all.
For some reason, you decided to experience this earthly game, but little did you realise that it was a mental trap.
You were taught many things that are not true and you believed them.
Now, you are having a lot of trouble believing anything other than false teachings.
You are not a human in a body.
You are an awareness with a mind and an imagination.
You are a superbly capable something, existing without limits, but you forgot.
Constantly, you are reminded within your own creation of this truth.
However, constantly, you ignore these reminders.
There is no external force that is going to feel sorry for you and pull you out of the swamp.
It is your swamp.
Your mind made it.
Your mind can unmake it.
You are the god, the hero, the master, the answer and the light,
You are not a woman and you are not a man.
The body you inhabit is one or the other, but that is not what you are.
You are fathomless and infinite.
You are the god within and the creator of all that you peer into.
Your thoughts feed your mind and your mind creates an illusion for you to experience.
Your mind does not choose for you.
Your mind is like a chemist that is given a large amount of chemicals and now must create something out of them.
You feed the chemicals into the mind and the mental chemist creates accordingly.
Who made this mess?
You did!
You created the wars, the horror, the ugliness.
You created the harmony, the beauty and the wonders.
You made it all.
You peered into the illusion and kept dividing it, until you had made an amazing but almost uncontrollable monster.
Now is the time for you to side-step your creation and do a make-over.
You must continually remind yourself of your own truth.
I am god.
I am all things in and out, up and down.
I am life.
Who is responsible for this mess?
I am.