Try to remember

Imagine if you woke up one day and you could not remember your past.
You get out of bed and go outside to try and understand where you are.
You are in some sort of large compound with lots of other people who have no memory either.
You would assume that’s the way it has always been and then get along with your life.
Imagine instead, if you woke up one day and remembered your past.
You remembered that you are a free spirit that has the ability and right, to wander the cosmos.
Then you got up out of bed and went outside.
It was a shock because you are caged inside a large compound, with lots of other people only they cannot remember their past.
What will you do?
You will try to escape of course!
You have no memory.
You are living in a large compound, a prison called earth, along with millions of other people.
Nobody remembers their past.
Nobody even wants to understand their life, let alone try and escape from the prison.
You have forgotten everything.
For eons your mind has been under attack.
Brick by lying brick, a wall of deceit, has been built around your imagination.
You are so comfortable with it, that you no longer dare question its existence.
You are a prisoner and you have forgotten what you are and where you came from.
You are an eternal awareness, a cosmic creator, a wanderer of the infinite, but you forgot.
Now you believe you are only a worthless number in a government computer.
Your mind has been closed and your thoughts have created a prison.
It is only in your mind.
There are no walls.
There are no limits.
You are the very essence of absolute freedom.
Try to remember.
Let your imagination soar into the realms of ridiculous possibilities.
Follow faint threads of absurdities.
Allow your mind the freedom to fantasise, on a cosmic scale.
Your dreams give you hints but your conscious mind won’t listen.
Your intuition nudges you to remember but you ignore it.
Make it a habit to try and remember as often as you can, every day.
I am not this body.
This body is a mere spacesuit.
I am god of my world.
I am a creator.
I am an eternal being with the heart of absolute freedom.