The great empty

There is no space, no vast distance between planets.
There is nothing.
There is a great empty, a never-ending openness.
Nothing ever happens in the great empty.
It is still empty.
It is a place of being.
It is the one.
It is I am.
It is a place full of overwhelming possibilities.
It is potential on edge; ideas waiting to be thought of.
It is always like this.
It is timeless.
When a self-conscious being thinks, that thought becomes something in the mind of the being, in the great empty.
It is still empty, except in the creators mind it has happened.
Mind thinks it has filled part of the great empty, that is illusion, it has only filled part of its own mind.
If the creator shares the thought, then it is in the mind of the sharer as well.
In the situation of earth, billions have shared the same thoughts that believe this world into being.
Constantly big brother reinforces the shared beliefs along the line, that it wishes humanity to travel.
You see warnings of terrorism, the possibilities of war, the threat of personal safety.
You read about business failures and the struggle of whole countries as well as individuals.
All of these things are thrust upon, you so that you believe them.
If a situation is not believed, then it cannot exist.
This world is built upon beliefs.
Whether they are lies or not, does not matter to the great empty that hosts the space for thoughts to happen within.
The great empty is always the great empty, it cannot be anything else.
The minds within it experience their own ideas within their own minds.
Existence can occur in layers, in planes, on levels, in dimensions, all overlapping one another.
It happens within minds, not within space.
Life is infinite, existence is eternal.
There is no end or beginning.
You always exist within the great empty, what you choose to believe in existing, is your business.
If you believe that planet earth is real, so it is.
If you believe that the earth is flat, so it is.
If you believe that you are just a body and nothing else, so it is.
Your mind is your world.
Your mind is vast, you forgot and isolated yourself in one tiny corner of it.
Sit quietly every now and then, and try to remember your vastness.
Eventually, outrageous memories will trickle, to tickle your imagination.
Don’t dismiss them.
Follow the thread of possibility that they present.
You never know what you will end up discovering about yourself.
You can be certain of one thing, it will be far more wonderful than anything that you can imagine.
And whatever you imagine, is only happening within your mind, the great empty is still an open vastness, a never-ending nothingness.