Sorry boys and girls

Sorry boys and girls, the magic has all but gone from this world.
In the olden days, you may have been able to pull a miracle or two.
A long time ago, natural therapies probably worked and so did manifestation.
Countless years ago, you could have levitated or created something out of nothing.
Unfortunately, none of your New Age dreams are valid any more.
Your ancient remedies and religious rituals are no longer of any value.
The world has changed dramatically over the last few generations.
Thoughts have become rigid, they have crystallised.
Ideas about life in this reality are no longer flexible and open to interpretation.
The system has been solidly and inflexibly thought into being.
Billions of minds have been aligned along the same track of thinking.
Billions of ideas have been agreed to and believed, now there is no shifting them.
This world is like a crystalline reality, where every normal idea been thought and every alternative avenue been closed.
The mass mind is no longer open to new ideas.
The mass mind is not interested anything that may exist outside of its crystalline walls.
These walls surround the minds of the masses and there is no moving them.
The new religion is I ME.
It is slick, sharp, shiny and selfish.
I ME is the worship of the ego and the only path for the faithful to follow.
Money, power and sex are the order of the new religion.
These are the things they believe are worth living and dying for.
I ME is the god of self-glorification and the only god they will follow.
The faithful seek their answers within rigid logic and unimaginative reasoning.
They believe that they were born great but can be greater with more money, power and sex.
I ME is the worship of ego.
I ME is the blanketing of the heart, the smothering of the intuition and the denial of infinite possibilities.
I ME is the pursuit of pleasure and the unceasing desire for more and better and newer.
It is the crystallisation of a civilisation.
The end is not near.
The end is nowhere in sight, instead humanity is on a mind-numbing, frantic, commercial roundabout.
They are going nowhere.
They are marching time to an angry rhythm that demands dissatisfaction and self-glorification.
You are witnessing an asylum that is being run by the inmates; a prison that is being supervised by the prisoners.
Buy out of it while you can.
Look to your own heart and listen to its advice.
Seek only absolute freedom and get off the rude, rudimentary, rigid and ridiculous roundabout that you have paid your whole life to ride upon.
Your answers lie within your heart.
Do something about it, not tomorrow but now.
Everyday the dizziness and the desperation increase.
Don’t wait until you crash, to seek understanding.
Look within now.