Seeking is claiming

When you want something, you are keeping it away from you.
Wanting is distancing.
When you are wanting, you are at an emotional standstill.
When you are wanting, you are still at the preparation stage of manifesting.
You are still in an emotional, dreaming state and not ready to create.
It is like an architect thinking of a new building but not putting any thoughts on paper.
Wanting, is like standing in front of a brick wall, not knowing what to do next.
Wanting is standing, marching time, pushing against a wall that won’t budge.
Seeking is claiming.
When you are looking and keep expecting to see that something, you are claiming your manifestation.
When you are confident, there are no brick walls and no emotions to bog you down.
Once you have imprinted your desire into the foundry of your mind, you can forget about your wants.
Most desires need time to manifest.
This is not because your mind can’t manifest instantly, but because you won’t believe that it can.
You believe in a physical world.
You believe in a world that runs on cause and effect, action and reaction.
Your beliefs, limit the spontaneous expression of manifestation.
You live in a time-dependent world because that is what you call reality.
This means you must wait for your desires to manifest.
Even though it happens to everybody sometime, it is rare to see something manifest immediately.
It doesn’t have to be that way, but that’s the way this world functions according to the ideas in your mind.
Don’t waste your time wishing and wanting.
These emotions are endless treadmills.
Seek what you want and then claim it as an inevitable part of your future.
You will eventually see it, maybe faster than expected.
Everything depends on you.
Every single thing in your world depends on you.
You are your world.
You are your world and your world is your mind.
Tell it what you are looking for and then leave it alone, to make your dreams become a reality.