Reclaim your future

Your life is not going to happen sometime in the future, it is happening now.
Things are to going to get better later, unless you are working on that, later, right now.
Your future is being put in place right now and now and now and now.
You are always thinking and these thoughts are always forming your future.
This future that you are always experiencing, is more whimsical and fickle than you realise.
Your future is ever flexing and changing direction as your mind thinks and worries, fantasises and dreams.
You are the director of a mad movie called life.
You are not doing a good job of it.
Your movie is a mess.
If you want good things to happen, then you need to start bypassing the junk, so that good thoughts can arise.
You can do this by repetition of ‘I am’ as often as you feel the need to calm your mind.
You do not have to do complicated rituals or magical exercises.
All you have to do is remind your mind that ‘I am’.
Remind it so often, that it no longer forgets.
Then you will see calm changes, making their way into your future.
I am is the only reminder you need.
I am opens the door to eternity.
I am is the best future you could place in your mind.
Reclaim your future now by stating I am.
I am.
Don’t rush and don’t look for results.
Simply relax into the idea and let whatever, happen.
It’s your future, you really should take control of it.