Planet Wonky

When I walk, I am moving slowly into a new reality.
When I drive, I am moving quickly into a new reality.
When I fly, I am moving very quickly into a new reality.
I use the things I believe in, to take me to a different part of my own world.
I could not drive to Planet Wonky because I do not believe in it and I do not think my car could go that far and I don’t believe that I could afford the fuel.
You are limited by what you believe.
Regardless of it being a shared belief or your private belief; beliefs free you and beliefs limit you.
You are only ever as free as your belief system.
You use logic and reasoning to get around your world.
You only use these things because you believed that is the way of the world.
There are worlds that defy logic and no amount of reasoning can understand their strange ways.
This is what happens to people in dreams, in enlightening experiences, in other-dimensional visitations.
They cannot interpret what they experienced because it defies logic.
It makes no sense within the limited reality that they live within.
Therefore, they cannot explain what they experienced.
Every limitation, from gravity, to the need to breathe, is only real because you allowed your mind to believe it.
There are a few people who seem to defy the norm and they are usually accused of being fake or they are completely ignored.
Most people prefer to choose to ignore a situation, than admit that there is something wrong with their belief system.
It is your little world, stop believing all the limiting fairy tales and rigid superstitions that you were told.
You have been told a whole world of lies.
Nothing is as it seems.
You are a world, not an innocent and naive victim of the world.
You are free but you forgot.
That doesn’t matter to life.
You are free.
It is your problem to find out why you do not believe it.
Ask your intuition about it and make some quiet time to consider the consequences.
It will be exciting, guaranteed!