The memories of your human existence in this world are erased every time you die.
This way, you are reborn in ignorance and can easily be manipulated into a position of servility.
Even during your life on earth, your memories are unreliable.
This is intentional and is a result of chemicals in food, water and even the atmosphere.
Many earthly memories are replaced by cliches, thrust upon you by the media.
Your past quickly becomes a fuzzy fantasy because that is the way this world is designed to act upon your mind.
It is a trap and if you remember, you will no longer be fooled into coming back, again and again and again, repeating the same story over and over and over.
Earthly memory is continually being manipulated.
History is always being rewritten.
Your memories are being distorted by powerful and fabricated images of a past that never was.
You cannot believe anything in this world.
Don’t even trust these words.
Ask your own heart about them.
Check everything with your intuition first.
Regardless of how effective memory suppression of the body is, your eternal self cannot be hacked.
Your eternal self is unchangeable.
Its memories are vast, beyond measure.
Your eternal self comes from worlds that you have forgotten are yours.
You often get hints of familiar places but they are so alien, you usually reject them immediately.
Forget the problems you have remembering events in your earthly past.
Forget your daily, minor memory glitches because they are not important.
You need to focus on what you were, before you became entrapped within this reality.
Start asking your heart for reminders of your real past.
Sit quietly and let amazing, outlandish and ridiculous ideas float into your mind.
Take note of them.
Think about them.
Don’t be embarrassed by their craziness, strangeness or weirdness.
Don’t be overwhelmed by their grandness, expansiveness and outlandishness.
You have it all back to front.
Believing that this is the only reality, whilst you live within the infinite, is strange.
Believing the incredibly stupid stories that the media tells you, is weird.
Trusting that your government has your best interests at heart is crazy.
You are an eternal something that forgot where it came from.
You are a god, a creator of worlds and other amazing things but you forgot.
This world is covered in a blanket of chemicals and information that causes amnesia.
If you take your mind out of this world and into the world that you came from, you will begin to remember.
And what you remember will stun you.
Do not reject it, after a few hours it will sit comfortably with you.
You have been in prison for so long, that you have forgotten what wide open fields and endless skies look like.
Welcome home.