No laws

There are no laws in the universe, there are rules.
Laws imply a rigidity to existence.
Existence is fluid.
Man observes a situation and then creates a set of rules around it.
Mans rules are nothing in the vastness of the infinite.
Within his limited world, he calls them laws and then demands that you conform.
Any person who dares argue is deemed a fool.
If you question religion, government or science, you are asking for trouble.
There is no room in society for dissenters.
Big brother makes the laws, the people have been taught to obey.
Mankind’s laws maybe true, locally, but there is no way of knowing if they are universal.
Man is not universal, he is local.
Humanity is very limited and very narrow minded.
You live on a microscopic point within the infinite.
People believe that they are intelligent, even though they are aggressive greedy and corrupt.
This world is structured on ego and unyielding dogmas.
Everything from religions to government, to corporations is based on rules that should not be broken.
There are a few who step out and defy these laws, radical inventors, free thinkers but they are rare.
Most people are muddling within the madness of an inflexible system.
There are repeatedly recycling the same old junk and giving it new names.
There are no laws in the universe.
The universe is infinite, eternal and unimaginably vast.
Interpretations are called laws by arrogant humanity.
These things are trivial within the grandness of this reality.
You are the god of your world.
If you believe these rules, then they become laws within your world.
Your mind has been programmed to accept limitations upon limitations.
Your mind has been hijacked and you have been fed poison and taught lies.
You are a vast mind kept in a closed box and you think you know everything.
Your ego has control of your life and you don’t mind.
Your ego has convinced you that laws are true and you don’t mind.
Your ego has locked you up in a limited world and you don’t mind.
If you did mind, you would do something about it and be more determined to escape the sadness of your own confinement.
However, it is your world and you can believe what you want and do what you want.
You have absolute freedom to believe the most stupid of ideas if that is what you pleases you.
You are your world.
Now, you are living in a world of borrowed ideas.
Your intuition is but a dull sound in the thunderous cacophony of confusion.
You accept this as normal and natural.
The only natural way is for you to have absolute freedom.
Right now you are caged, that is not natural.
It does not have to be that way.
You can change everything.
It is always your choice because you are an infinite, eternal something with the freedom to create whatever you want.
It’s a pity you forgot.