No cracks out there

You will not find any breaks in reality, out there, before you in the world.
You will not find any faults, any corners that don’t conform or any weaknesses in the design.
It is tight and very well established.
It was built by minds that are much more brilliant than yours.
Its structures and laws are solid.
Gravity, light, molecular behaviour, planetary movement, these things are fixed in the minds of billions.
They cannot be moved.
The only breaks in reality that you will find, are within your mind.
Seek the one thing that all sentient beings yearn for.
Look for the one common thread throughout all life, in all realms, in all dimensions.
There is one sure track that takes you home again.
It is the thread that helps you remember the very heart of existence.
Replace all desires, wishes and wants with these two powerful words.
Absolute Freedom.
Make this your goal, make this your intention, make this your purpose for being.
Absolute freedom.
It is the universal call to remembering.
It is the unobtrusive power packet that puts you where you want to be.
It is the mover of mountains and the destroyer of obstacles and it works silently from within.
Quietly you can undermine your whole world, while it adjusts to suit your conscious movement towards absolute freedom.
You live in a complex world, but there is only one thing to seek and that is absolute freedom.
Seek absolute freedom above all else and you cannot go wrong.
Look for it everywhere.
Expect to see it in your life.
Enjoy it when you discover it in action.
Acknowledge its existence when you experience it.
Absolute freedom is your forgotten essence.
Remind yourself often and watch the world change before you.
Whatever you seek, you will find.
Make absolute freedom your intent in all situations and you will gradually see it more and more in your days.