It’s not a little world

You are holding the little and very limited, ball of the world in your mind.
You are thinking that you are spinning in space on a wondrous sphere called Earth.
It is a good story.
Some believe that it is a flat earth and nothing like the conventional story.
It makes no difference.
Neither view is true, you are not living on a pretty blue planet that whizzes through space at preposterous speeds.
And you are not living on a flat surface with a domed sky.
You are living in your mind, nowhere else.
Your whole world is in your mind.
This existence is like a computer game in which you lost your way.
Each player tells the other player stories and gradually over countless lifetimes, an over-all crazy story has been created as a believable truth.
Along with it, came a world with all sorts of restrictions and imaginative laws and rules.
As long as you continue to believe these stories, this world will continue to exist.
Your world is your mind and it is changing moment by moment as your thoughts do.
You are not even aware of the power you wield, as you make your life twist this way and that, as it follows the beliefs in your mind.
If you take the time to watch what happens during even one day, you will be amazed at the impossible synchronicity of events.
You will wonder at the seemingly impossible timing of situations.
Life is not a set of lucky coincidences, it is a play based upon your beliefs.
Life is not an overwhelming spaghetti of abrasive and conflicting situations.
It is a path that is unfolding according to what you are thinking.
Even right now, at this very instant, your life is changing as you think about these words.
There is no down time, no rest period and no escape.
Forever, you have existed in realms that perfectly matched your mind set.
So it’s not a little blue world after all, it’s you and your thoughts creating an adventure that doesn’t always please you.
How do you get off this crazy road called life?