You are very busy every day.
You have to go to work.
You have to navigate traffic.
You have money problems and family complications to deal with.
Meanwhile, your radio fills the air with trash.
Your earphones drown out any chance of hearing your intuition.
You wonder where you find good luck and why it rarely finds you.
You watch TV and believe every lie the media feeds you.
Your conversations and opinions revolve around information spewed out by mainstream media.
Rarely do you slow down.
Rarely do you question your futile life.
Rarely do you think about the meaning of life and where yours might be headed.
Your life is slipping by so quickly, like sand leaking out the back of a truck speeding down a freeway to nowhere.
Nothing satisfies and nothing eases your frustrations.
It does not have to be like this.
It is your choice.
Trouble is, you refuse to slow down and sit quietly.
You refuse to take a moment to think about life.
Instead, you gorge on trivialities, untruths and fantasy situations.
You are distracted by entertainment, sport and celebrity news.
You are a mad person living in an asylum, run by madder persons.
You are like a dog chasing its tail, never for a moment considering what you will do when you catch it.
When you are old, you will probably end up like the majority, trapped within a fuzzy mind, full of half-baked memories, of things that were not important.
It is too late to think about life when you are old because by then, your mind has crystallised.
You are full of opinions and believe that you know best.
You will not entertain alternative ideas.
You are out of the habit of listening to your heart and instead, blindly mumble on, letting your ego run your life.
You are not your ego.
You are not a fool.
You are an eternal awareness in a body, visiting this reality.
Think about it.
Ask your intuition about it.
Relax and listen to your heart and maybe you will get some insights into your life.
Act now and don’t wait until you become the biggest has-been in the nursing home.