Gods are people

Gods are men who remembered what they are, nothing more, nothing amazing.
When you remember what you are, you will know that you are a god, a creator.
You are a creator now, but it is in ignorance.
You no longer remember your eternal past.
Your deep past is hidden behind a monstrous wall of ego.
Ego belongs to this earthly reality, it is not you.
Your eternal self can never be fully suppressed, it is too vast.
You continually get hints from it through intuition, dreams, flashes of memories and fresh ideas.
However, unless you willingly open your heart to its expression, you will always live in a mad, muddled mind.
Gods are people who let their intuition free.
Gods are those who remember what they truly are.
Gods are those who see through the veil of stupidity covering this world, and then do something about it.
You are a god, every being is a god.
It is no big deal.
It is what you are.
Realisation is nothing to write to your mother about.
Enlightenment does not make you special.
Understanding does not make you a teacher.
You are in a terrible state of ignorance right now.
Doing something about it is not heroic or intelligent.
It is essential, if you don’t want to be dragged deeper into the swamp of deceit.
You have a personal responsibility to the whole of humanity, to break out of this rigid, mind-numbing reality.
You cannot do it with aggression.
You cannot do it by becoming famous and trying to teach the masses.
It can only be done for you, by you.
Your escape is personal.
If you make your own way out of the mess, perhaps others will follow, perhaps they won’t.
It is none of your business.
Your business is with your world.
You are not a saint, a guru or a master.
Nobody is, they are all pretenders.
They are all egos masquerading as caring teachers.
Your eternal self does not need praise, glory or attention.
It knows what it is.
It is not of this world, so it needs to get out.
Your duty is to escape.
Then perhaps you will carve a path through the jungle that millions can follow.
Then again, perhaps nobody will give a damn!