Flat or round

Is the earth flat or round?
Is climate change true or not?
Is this a prison planet or not?
Yes and no, to every question you could ever ask.
In the quantum world, if a scientist seeks a particle he finds it, or if he seeks a wave motion he finds it.
Your world is made up of what you look for.
Your world is your mind in action.
Every world, that is or is not out there, is that persons mind in action.
No two worlds are the same, or are they?
Every dreamer has a different vision, or do they?
This world is solid, or is it?
That’s one thing you can or cannot rely on, that’s for sure or unsure.
You are the maker of realities.
Your mind follows your thoughts and just like the scientist, whatever you look for, you will find.
That is probably true and also false at the same time.
This world is your illusion or maybe it is real.
Your face is the screen that it happens upon.
Everything out there, is only out there, because it is in here, in your mind.
You are a dreamer and your world is your dream.
Do you realise what power that gives you?
Do you realise that means you don’t have to believe anything that the system tells you?
Your world is a demonstration of your mental powers.
You are free to believe whatever you like.
You do not even have to believe that statement, if you don’t want.
Maybe you would prefer to believe, that you are not free and that you are just another number in big brothers books.
That’s also true, if you want to believe it.
Nothing and everything is true.
Nothing and everything has an infinite number of facets.
If you don’t like what you see, change what you dream.
Yes and no, the world is flat or round.
Yes and no, climate change is and is not true.
Yes and no, this is and is not a prison planet.
Thank goodness, I made that clear!
Or did I?