Cruise ships

You are living in a reality, largely borrowed from other minds.
This whole world is a construct from other minds.
You were taught that this world is a solid and fixed reality and naturally you believed it.
This reality is built upon an infinite number of ideas that are forever, becoming more complex.
Complexity increases as believers study the details, trying to understand the structure of the world.
Their focus divides the world into smaller and smaller components.
The bricks that make up this world are becoming tinier as people seek justification for existence.
There is no such thing as a fixed and solid reality even though it appears to be otherwise.
Everything is made up of thoughts and these thoughts are energy.
Thoughts are alive and as such, move and twist whole worlds in constant change.
Worlds are constructed of thoughts.
Thoughts do not have to be rigid.
If you loosen your thoughts, you loosen your world.
However, some thoughts are very tightly bound because of the huge amounts of energy used to build them.
Gravity, sunrise and sunset, the moon, the atmosphere, stars, millions of ideas are solidly believed by billions of minds.
It is far more difficult to change these ideas of your world than it would be to change some mistaken idea you had about say, what you thought of your neighbours.
The reason being, the fixed ideas are borrowed by you, the neighbour idea is your own thought.
If you own a rowboat, you can paint it, put cushions on the bench, carve patterns into the oars.
It is yours to play with.
If you go on a cruise ship and try to make modifications, you will have problems trying to do anything.
You are there for the ride, now shut up and line up for breakfast.
Most of the things in your world are cruise ships.
Your world is yours to play with, but some of the ideas you want to change, are backed by the timeless beliefs of countless other minds.
These things are very real and rigid.
They are compacted energy.
They are the backbone that hold this reality in place.
They are like nuclear rockets, when all you have is a water pistol.
This is why reality is not always easy to change.
It is backed by too many minds who do not believe what you have in mind.
This is why it takes time to manifest change.
It must go through a process of believability because it happens within a reality, believed by billions.
You can change your situations within this reality but don’t waste your energy trying to change the reality.
You can move your furniture around the room but don’t try and change the shape of the room.
You can adjust your world using pieces of reality, to get what you want.
But you can’t change the reality.
Using rationality, step by step you can get a car, money and a house, but don’t try and change the structure, it will not work.
Don’t sit in your room trying to make a car appear in your garage.
It may happen in time but it won’t just pop into existence because there are too many unbelievers.
You can’t suddenly fly.
You can’t swim underwater for hours.
You can’t perform miracles.
This world is very, very tight.
However, you can do a million other amazing things, within your own little and private world.
You do not have to broadcast your intentions.
You do not have to show-off and tell everybody what you have and hope to achieve.
You can mind your own business and quietly disrupt your own world, within the ever-expanding limits of your ever-expanding mind.
Your mind is the limitation of your own world.
Other minds have long ago set the limitations of the reality called Earth.
You can’t put your hand through a desk or mentally order your paperwork to organise itself.
The thoughts that control the desk and the paperwork, keep the atoms that make it up, all in line like rigid little soldiers.
You can manipulate reality by moving the desk or tidying the papers yourself, but you won’t break the forces that hold the items together.
At least not without a hammer!
You can adjust your reality by adjusting blocks of reality, within the confines of the mass-mind belief system.
You already do that.
You move things about all day.
Your mind brings about the changes that bring about the blocks of reality that you wish to see.
But it is all done in a sensible, law-abiding way.
There are no physical laws broken and no miracles performed.
Your intention adjusts the position of blocks of reality.
You can row your little row boat anywhere you like in the big sea but watch out for big cruise ships, they don’t care about your beliefs and your little world.