Choose your own adventure

In your life, you only uncover what you are looking for.
There is never anything new or anything unexpected, because everything has already happened in your mind first.
Life is a second-hand experience.
Any originality in your thoughts comes from the one.
All your travels and experiences, are investigations into the mind of the source.
You are an observer of your experiences.
You make choices, that’s all, that’s as far as your involvement goes.
You are along for the ride in the mind of I am.
That is, until you realise that you are, I am.
You are following tracks already laid out, within unlimited imagination of the one mind, I am.
You can choose wild or mild tracks to follow.
You can choose outrageous or gentle, extreme or moderate.
Wherever you go and whatever you do, you are only following tracks that are already existent.
You are not original, unique or even interesting.
You are a traveller, an awareness on a journey, with an open ticket.
Your ticket gives absolute freedom to experience whatever you like.
Everything already exists, as soon as you think about it, you life heads towards it.
You are immersed within an infinite book.
It is full of every story and variation possible.
It is on every plane, dimension and level.
It is within the mind of I am.
I am, is all.
I am, is everything that is possible past and future.
I am, has happened and is complete.
I am, is still happening but is complete.
You are the happening within I am.
I am, is every possibility and probability, every impossibility and improbability.
I am, is a journey where you choose your own adventure.
Think about it, and the next page you turn to take you there.
You are traveling through an infinite mind of events.
Events that have already occurred.
There is nothing that cannot, and has not happened, within the unlimited and eternal mind of I am.
Existence is within I am.
You are existence.
You are I am.
You are choosing your own adventure within your own mind.
You are free to make sudden turns, unexpected decisions, unlikely choices.
You are free to follow the straight and narrow or to climb Mount Dangerous.
It is all there; you can go anywhere.
All you do is think about it, believe it, and you will be on the way, to somewhere else.
Currently, you are on a garbage-littered road to the tip.
Clear your mind of its overload.
Your mind is out of control because you have cluttered it with crazy ideas and foolish thoughts.
As a result, your life is out of control.
Start thinking for yourself and make a right, then sudden left, and keep changing until you are traveling in a new direction, the direction you desire.
You can choose your own adventure, but most prefer to follow the track that big brother offers.
Faulty thinking, leads them to follow the conventional and boring, the safe and unimaginative.
There is no right or wrong.
It is your world.
You can’t go wrong if you follow your true heart.
It will take you on the perfect journey home, to remember what you are.
You are, I am, but you keep forgetting.
I am.