Balloon world

Imagine sitting in nothing, nowhere, floating.
You are a consciousness, an awareness.
Suddenly, you have an idea in this nothingness.
It bursts into being, it is a red balloon.
You like it.
Next you imagine a blue balloon.
Then a yellow and pink, and then a purple and orange balloon.
Then, you imagine groups of balloons into being.
Before long, all you can see is balloons of every imaginable colour.
You keep bringing balloons into being, there are even balloons that you can see through.
They create the appearance of vast spaces between some of the coloured balloons.
Now you can see patterns, strange shapes, lines and loops and figures.
You keep creating more coloured balloons.
They get smaller and smaller before you, as more and more fill your vision.
Eventually, all you can see is coloured dots, countless numbers of them.
Imagine that.
All you did, was start with an idea, one balloon.
Then by increasing the numbers until there were thousands, millions and eventually countless trillions before you, you had built a reality.
It is a senseless reality, but it has colour and potential to be something.
It would look like an endless computer screen, made up of endless coloured dots, pixels.
There are still no definite shapes or structures, just an endless moving mass of colour.
As they increased in number, the size of the dots would decrease until eventually, you could not see one individual dot.
It would appear as an undefined, but seemingly endless reality of colour and space.
No matter which way you turned, this reality would remain before you because it is you, it is your creation.
It cannot be separated from what you are because your thoughts brought them it into manifestation.
Now, you would have a sense of existing somewhere, in something.
You are no longer nothing in nowhere.
You are now the god of a meaningless world.
What would happen if you started to remember things, vaguely at first?
What if you remembered, say a world called Earth and you could recall having spent a lot of time there.
You would start to look out into the formlessness before you, for things that you remembered.
Maybe you would look for trees and sky.
Perhaps the sea was a remembered detail, then perhaps grass and bushes and rocks and insects and dogs and cats.
As you remembered, you would start to see these things form before you out of the endless and meaningless mass of potential that you had created.
Eventually you might remember earth and parents and situations.
All of these things you keep remembering, are borrowed ideas.
You did not think of the sky or the sea, you were taught that these things existed and so you believed it.
You have no trouble manifesting them because you are full of borrowed beliefs from other experiences.
Your memories are mostly borrowed ideas.
You remember birth and death and the difficult path in between.
You would look out into your world full of expectations, you would be expecting to see things that verify your beliefs.
As your memories flooded back, you would expect to see a whole structured world before you.
Your memories might be a mix-up of thousands of lives that you have experienced, not necessarily on Earth.
Maybe you would remember dying recently, and expect to be a baby again.
It does not matter, that is how you create worlds.
You build on old ideas that you believed in.
Then you look for them as a reality, ignorant of the fact that you are creating these situations.
They do not exist until you believe in them.
Since you do not stop believing in them, they always exist for you.
Every thought that has ever existed is still real.
These thoughts, these coloured masses of immeasurable numbers of balloons, are ideas, doctrines, beliefs, philosophies, political movements, social structures, anything you can think of.
The list is endless.
Whatever you look for you will find.
Unfortunately, your mind is so limited by your past earthly experiences, that you keep looking for the same old ideas, structures and situations.
You are stuck in the stagnant waters of your own imagination.
You are not the world that surrounds you.
You created it through your beliefs, but you are not this clumsy world.
Your beliefs are borrowed.
You are god, the creator of all.
You are the creator of all that you care to think about.
You are not of this puny and petty little reality.
This reality wants to steal your freedom, so that others can play their inconsiderate games.
You are much more, you are everything.
You are galaxies, universes and endless dimensions.
You are beauty and wonder and imagination.
You can borrow all the ideas that you want and experience them as other realities.
That’s fine, you have absolute freedom to do so.
Unfortunately, here on Planet Earth, you got lost and forgot what you are.
You surrendered your right to be free, in exchange for a rigid and submissive dogma.
You forgot that you are an unlimited something, a cosmic creator with absolute freedom to experience whatever pleases you.
This world rarely pleases; you no longer belong here.
It is time to wake up and remember what you are.
I am god, I am my world, I am absolute freedom.
I remember.
I am god, I am my world, I am absolute freedom.
I remember.