Already dead

You are already dead.
You were never alive.
It was all a big trick.
You do not have to wait to die to be free, you have never lost your freedom.
You are not here in this confining, claustrophobic little reality called earth.
You are everywhere.
When you walk, you are walking on nothing but the illusion you created is a path.
When you talk, you are talking to nobody but the illusion you created is of others.
When you touch something, you only feel the illusion of sensation, there’s nothing behind it.
The world you worry about is not there.
That horrible monster called life is nowhere to be seen, except in your mind.
Your good and bad luck are meaningless, except you give them value.
Your pain is not real, but you are convinced that it is.
You convinced yourself that this world is real, nobody did it for you.
You are a victim of your own stubbornness and stupidity.
You are a victim of your own narrow-mindedness and vanity.
You have been bound and blinded, by your own mind.
You exist in an eternal moment, within an infinite existence, with no limits.
You are always there, you cannot be anywhere else because that is what you are.
You think and your mind creates.
You thought this world was real and you have proved it by creating it.
It was not real until you thought it into existence.
The more you think about this world, the more real it becomes.
The more you study this world, the more layers you discover.
You only discover, what you are looking for.
It is not there until you seek it.
There are no layers to unfold.
There are no secrets to uncover.
There is no god to be blessed by.
You are the eternal something that you prayed to.
You are the infinite being that you climbed mountains to seek.
You are the love you yearned for and the understanding you sought.
You made it all up.
There are no bad guys, there is no big brother and no nasty police force.
These are things happening in your mind because you thought about them.
There is no evil world government, no disease and there never was a war, except in your imagination.
You are dreaming these things into being.
You are not 3-dimensional, you are multi-dimensional.
You exist on all planes of existence.
You are not in one spot within the infinite, you are the infinite.
The system that is running this reality survives by taking you deeper and deeper into a trance.
The more levels you believe in, the deeper you sink.
There are no levels.
There is only you, an eternal consciousness, thinking a reality into being.
There is only you, in a reality that you believed in.
If you stop believing it, it disappears.
You sustain the illusion.
Your mind keeps it all alive.
Don’t be led deeper into the dark cave of ignorance or you will find it very difficult to get out.
Keep it simple and refuse to believe in the system and all will be well.
Be brave, you have nothing to lose because you are already dead.