Again and again

When you die, there is nowhere else to go.
You are still within the infinite.
You are an eternal consciousness, you don’t disappear just because your body dies.
Your body is the prison your eternal awareness is trapped within.
When you die you have mere moments to escape before you are thrust into human life again, to repeat the same old frustrating story.
Your story is always similar because you maintain the same mindset that you lived with.
You will still have the same stupid ideas, superstitions and silly prejudices.
You will still be a narrow-minded bigot who think he knows it all.
That is the nature of humanity.
It is not easy to escape from this terribly limiting mentality.
When you die you will be confronted by your own ego.
It may appear as your mother, a wispy angel or even some wayward messiah.
It will tell you dumb things like, your time on earth is not finished yet or you still have work to do or you are needed for a special task or anything that sucks you back into slavery.
It is your ego, fooling you into returning to your prison cell, for another bout of pain, discomfort and sadness.
You are used to listening to your ego, so most likely, you will blindly follow it back, to be suddenly born again into the light, the light of the same old miserable prison planet.
Even through this experience you are still existing within the infinite and eternal.
You can never leave this arena.
However, your prison is a tiny little dark section of eternity that has firmly been believed into existence.
It is maintained by the energy of the believers who keep themselves mentally trapped.
You believe in this physical world to such an extent that you refuse to consider alternatives.
There are alternative ways of being, an infinite number of them, but you believe the stories that the world has told you and now, you cannot think any other way.
At heart, you are the essence of absolute freedom but mentally you have a brick wall within your mind and that is where you live.
You have to prepare your escape while you are trapped in this world.
It is too late after you die because you will be too easily fooled during the brief moments of translation from one state to another.
You must keep absolute freedom as your most basic yearning.
You should always have absolute freedom as your essential goal.
Absolute freedom is the only mountain you need to climb, the only place you wish to visit and the only state you desire to be in.
It is essential to get this mindset before you die so that you will not even acknowledge the sleazy, sinister, sly ego, as it tries to trap you once again.
When you die, you should be seeking absolute freedom, nothing else.
You are not going to review your life to see if you were a good boy or girl.
You will not have the time to consider what you will do next.
It will be like a dream that sweeps you away before you even recall going to sleep.
Unless you have already considered your response to death, you will be back again in a flash.
Maybe this is why babies scream, they remember that they made the same mistake, again and again and again.