What is the afterlife like?
Is it really an idyllic place where I can sit down on an insect-free, perfectly manicured, green lawn, with my favourite messiah?
Is it a place where we idly pass the hours, while sipping a glass of organic, vegan fruit juice, with my favourite wild lion sleeping on my lap?
If you believe that, then it is no wonder you are lost on planet Earth.
Religions make up stories and promise the ridiculous, and always without an ounce of justification.
Your own deep memory, holds the truth.
Within yourself, lie all of the answers to your abstract questions.
The main difference between life on planet earth and eternal life when you die, is absolute freedom.
Your essence is absolute freedom.
Within the infinite, you have the freedom to be anywhere you can imagine and even places, that you cannot imagine.
You have the whole of existence to play within.
You still have life, but you realise that your awareness is eternal.
You still have challenges, but you choose them.
You still have friends and acquaintances and all sorts of alliances but you won’t have the terrible restrictions that you have on this prison planet.
You will always have choice.
As nice as the infinite sounds, you probably won’t return to it for a long time yet, because you still believe that all answers lie out there in front of you.
You still think that they hidden in that tricky and deceitful world called Earth.
There is nothing fulfilling out there for you.
Earth offers frustration and limitation.
Your freedom lies in your true heart, not in your egotistical brain.
The world before you is a product of ego.
It is dangerous and deceitful.
Its history is fabricated and its future is grim.
Unless you try and escape by remembering your eternal past, you will be trapped into returning here, over and over and over.
It is a frightening thought and only you can do something about it.
Dare look within and dare let your imagination run ridiculously wild.
Dare consider brazen alternatives and incredibly large scenarios.
You are living within an infinite playground but acting as if someone locked you in the toilets.
It is no use pretending everything is okay because it is not!
You belong out there, beyond your ego, in the vast everlasting, in the eternal never-ending.
Let your mind roam freely and play with strange thoughts as they surface and rise above the swamp of your stale mind.
You are trapped here on Earth because you believe the jailers.
You believe the system.
You believe the corporations, institutions and governments.
You trust the bankers, the police and the army.
They are all slave traders, why would they tell you the truth?
You are a willing slave in a self-made prison.
Your mind has locked you up.
You can’t blame anybody but yourself for your plight, no matter how disastrous or ridiculous it is.
What is the afterlife like?
It is like a life without frustration, limitation and pain.
It is like a life full of adventure, intrigue and amazing situations.
You are possibly an interstellar alien, a world-jumping cosmonaut, an unbelievably strange creature, an insanely intelligent ghost, a whimsical master of nothing, a magical mastermind of mystery, a fairytale creature of the night, a multi-dimensional wizard, a thing of the darkest places or a monster of the amazing…
You might look like a midnight nightmare, a green goggle-eyed creepy thing, a gliding wise being, a cosmic koala bear…
Anything is possible.
Everything exists in the infinite and eternal.
There are no limits and no beginnings and no endings.
Here on earth, your mind has been barricaded from your own truth.
You are not a body, suffering on a prison planet, drowning in lies.
Wake up and go home, and stop acting like a self-pitying idiot!
You are an amazing weird thing, but you are too afraid to face the possibility.
How dumb, how weird, how bizarre!
You live within an infinite existence, what do you expect?
Conformity and standardisation?
The only rules that exist, are those that you believe exist.
Fool, let go of your safe and limiting ideas.
Everything you thought was true, is false.
Everything you have been told, is a lie.
Now it is up to you to find the true story and it is not sensible.
Existence is not well behaved.
The unlimited and free infinite, is packed with crazy and unexpected life forms, situations and scenarios.
So when you die, don’t expect green pastures and pleasant meetings with boring, angelic beings.
The universe is not dull.
It is dynamic, creative, magnificent and fulfilling.
It is a great place for an afterlife.
You really should go there sometime soon.
But, unless you wake up to yourself, you won’t.
Unless you stop believing all of the lies in this world, you will not get off the roundabout.
You will continue to be born again, and again, and again, and again.